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TFM and Associates represent GAI-Tronics, Sandhills Robotics, and American Signal Corporation across the Southeast United States. All of these reputable companies work together or separately to satisfy your facility's secure communications, regulatory inspection, emergency notification and security needs

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Any enterprise where individuals are subjected to an environment that poses challenges to reliable communications and potential harm to people, property, and process, must deal with the need for responding to a possible emergency. These environments are an opportunity for GAI-Tronics® to provide systems, products, and services to improve communications. The benefits to the stakeholders in these environments are to improve reaction time, improve chances for minimizing injury, and saving lives. It is therefore the mission of GAI-Tronics® to provide systems, products, and services of the highest reliability in every one of these situations.

Sandhills Robotics


Today’s businesses are concerned with reducing waste and finding greater efficiency with processes, and this is precisely where the robotics industry excels. Not only does Sandhills Robotics provide state of the art technology solutions for industry, but also incorporates Lean Six Sigma methodologies in the application of those solutions. Our robotic engineers often find new and exciting ways to solve industrial problems and increase current capacity and capability in many systems. If a solution doesn’t yet exist for our customers, Sandhills Robotics will work hard to invent or achieve that solution.

American Signal Corp.


American Signal Corporation (ASC) proudly designs, manufactures, installs and maintains state-of-the-art mass notification systems and emergency alert systems, as well as critical non-emergency communications. Recognized and implemented worldwide, there solutions are relied upon daily by governments, communities, numerous industries and military facilities. Customers count on ASC products to notify their citizens and personnel to developing situations, wherever they are, using the latest in integrated technologies and comprehensive dissemination systems.

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